okay now that BLFC is over and we're all still susceptible to the effects of post-con depression


a furry/burner weekend of fun and sun camping in the Oregon high desert. we went in 2016 and it was absolutely the shit. Come On Down

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@irisjaycomics oh SHIT I'D NEVER HEARD OF THIS AND IT LOOKS RAD? I've really been wanting to go camping, too!

@Mous it fucking rules. there's food, there's bathrooms and showers, there's events, and there's a swimming hole that's both queer-friendly and clothing-optional which is a RARE FUCKING THING TO FIND let me tell YOU

@irisjaycomics ... tempting, believe it or not.

Much will depend on how much I feel like leaning into "learn to camp" and how much I feel like admitting I'm Thoroughly Suburban Peafowl(tm).

@literorrery I WILL SAY: if you decide to dip yr toe into camping, you could do a lot worse than an event with bathrooms, showers, hot meals, daytime activities and a large crowd of knowledgeable friendly people around

@irisjaycomics I had no idea that such a thing existed and while I'm not a super naturey type I love the fact that there's like a mini furry ass burning man. That is GREAT

@ComputerHusband IT'S NICE. there are actually a lot of events out there that are like... "Burning Man, but not as big or expensive or deeply annoying". i like that

@irisjaycomics I probably won't be there, but camping in the Oregon high desert is awesome, so have fun!

@irisjaycomics i… might be? I need to check around with folks but i’d sure would heckie like to

@irisjaycomics you really piqued my interest in it and it's only steadily growing. and we'll probably be free around that time

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