we're watching through chip cheezum's LP of MGSV/Ground Zeroes and this week's episode was an add-on mission featuring Raiden. watching it was a mistake because it just got me really fucking amped up to play Revengeance again

@irisjaycomics Only if my weapon of choice can be several copies of three and a broken copy of 1

@BinaryBear oh so you mean Snake Eater, Sustenance, 3D: The Naked Sample and The Twin Snakes

@irisjaycomics Its hardly a fair fight because if you rank all of them, theyre all within decimal points of each other, with phantom pain being the only game on the list not sharing the number 1.x spot

@BinaryBear YEAH like... that's the only real debate, is like what's the worse game, MGS4 or MGSV

both i'd argue have satisfying control schemes but flawed storylines. MGSV just drags its ass forever, while MGS4 is pretty much a fanservice-a-palooza

if we're talking the WORST metal gear game though, it's probably the first Portable Ops???

@irisjaycomics I think that depends on if you count the ACID games for psp.

I'd say five is better than four actually, at least the gameplay was something wild when it came out, and will probably still be fun in a couple years, while i feel four is kinda eh.

There are probably plenty of people who both agree and disagree on that one though.

@BinaryBear i think four has inspired PARTS. but it's a real teetering tower built on the games that came before it, and it seems like it has way less replay value than V.

also i've never even SEEN Acid played, what's it even like?

@irisjaycomics Its like a turn based card game remake of 1 if i remember correctly

@irisjaycomics Also have you seen SuperBunnyhop's retrospectives on the series? Obviously theyre also opinion, but pretty interesting thought pieces on the games

@irisjaycomics Revengeance is, like, if Hideo Kojima smoked whatever Yoko Taro offered him.

@orrery it's bayonetta but what if bayonetta had a katana and also was the nerdiest twink alive

@orrery and that's really the worst pitch, but it's also extremely accurate

@irisjaycomics I've watched Val play it; that's pretty accurate.

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