so i'm actually doing inktober this year for once. my personal stylistic limitations:
1. brush or brush pen only. going back to my roots
2. each drawing should be about four inches square
3. no erasing or correcting mistakes. scan at 600dpi and post as-is.
4. follow the inktober prompt list, but just free-associate whatever comes to mind

let's see how far we get

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@irisjaycomics Somethin' about those feet are making me feel like if the camera were panned up we'd see someone's fursona cast in marble

@irisjaycomics something about the lines and colors on this one makes me want to see a deck of cards using this style. Thanks for posting!

@irisjaycomics I really like how this battery seems like it's going to immediately kill me. It's honestly awakening the optimal fear we all have of batteries.

@irisjaycomics Don't mind me, just using lead and acid to trap lightning and using it to start my dinosaur-powered climate change machine. Hope it doesn't explode!

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@irisjaycomics Speaking of gifts you have a real gift for storytelling through these single images. And by gift I mean really impressive cultivated skill that I can tell you've put a lot of time and effort to, I love it

@irisjaycomics Back on the "clutch my heart and go oof, but not a sexy oof" train, it seems.

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