i love that 3pm on an otherwise unassuming Thursday is the day that, suddenly, violently, literally everyone i know is now forced to grapple with the existence of Cats

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@irisjaycomics look at these fools, these weak inexperienced fools who complain of the eerie human face on the dancers

They know nothing of cats

@Hi_cial as i assume is the case with horror fans, i am here to be frightened and aroused

@irisjaycomics "this makes me feel kinda weird im so into it tho" is an integral part of the cats experience

@Hi_cial @irisjaycomics [pounding on the table] EERIE HUMAN FACES, EERIE HUMAN FACES

@irisjaycomics Back in the BBS days, my parents went by the matching handles of Macavity and Jennyanydots. They kinda liked the musical but were almost insufferable about pointing out how much more they prefer the poetry book on its own.
Days like this just end up feeling surreal more than anything else.

@Balina it's really weird that like the internet's cultural consciousness of Cats is pretty much like ___________/ as of today

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