LBs: I dislike “egg hatching” rhetoric as much as the next NB person, but as a longtime furry: if you’re an AMAB music artist with intense anxiety who hides the bottom of your face in music videos, and you use your Hot Young Producer Cache to create a cute, plucky femme anthro princess fursona to be the face of your brand and become synonymous with your own name,

I mean,

the odds have gotta be more than ZERO, right

Also I guess this is an example of FURRY CROSSING INTO THE MAINSTREAM but tbh “weird virtual cartoon pop stars” was always one of those cyberpunk tropes that was Actually Cool and Not Total Cynical Trash, and we really didn’t get enough of that kind of thing IRL

@irisjaycomics I mean shit, people were -all over- the idea of virtual pop stars/idols in the late '90s and early '00s? I'm more surprised this has only really started becoming a real thing relatively recently, ahaha

@Thaminga i think it's just taken a grip for the tech to catch up and for people to start seeing it as an actual aesthetic and lucrative opportunity instead of just a novelty

@irisjaycomics definitely, CGI today is *miles* ahead of where it was 20 years ago, doubly so when we're talking about stuff available to people who aren't running big studios and shit

@Thaminga YEAH. the bleeding edge has moved so far forward that you can comfortably reside pretty far behind it and still make stuff that looks visually impressive

@irisjaycomics @Thaminga i remember being super impressed that facerig or whatever works as well as it does

@irisjaycomics @hierarchon @Thaminga you know, paying taxes, doing online shopping, copying myself into unsecured computers, people, and government mainframes. Business as usual.

@irisjaycomics one day soon there’s gonna be a pop star and like a few years into her career we’re gonna find out she’s a replicant and like literally no one will care

@irisjaycomics yeah I don't like speculating about people's gender / transness

And also I get some pretty heavy vibes from that interview (a girl character as a safe place to exist?) and from using that song to discuss having blunted emotional state outside of romantic involvement


i mean, not as a furry, this is making me go 😳

i think someone needs to tell Cashmere Cat that they can just BE a catgirl if they want

@irisjaycomics I missed whatever this is in reference to and you have me incredibly curious.

@irisjaycomics This artist has done a collab with SOPHIE so hopefully she is helping if that is a thing.

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