BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET BINGO, ROUND 3. The art hiding behind this board is by the Fediverse's own hometown heroine @fluxom_art , and it's a DOOZY. Which goal will we hit first? What devious delicacies will be revealed? Help support the Twitter thread HERE:

And make sure to back our queer demon erotica anthology! We've got 12 hours left in the campaign with just under $5.5K left to raise! WE CAN TOTALLY DO THIS! 🀘 😈 πŸ”₯

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UPDATE: things escalated pretty quickly last night, huh? (THANKS Y'ALL!!! πŸ–€ πŸ–€ πŸ–€ ) We're still going with Buffo Bingo round 3, with three delicious @fluxom_art details uncovered! Follow along with the Twitter thread here:

We may have met our base goal, but there are still stretch goals to aim for, including artist bonuses at $27K and $30K! There are less than two hours left in our campaign, so DON'T WAIT-- back BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET now!

@irisjaycomics @fluxom_art YAY i'm so glad y'all hit the goal! i was kinda worried for a bit πŸ˜…

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