Got a bunch of weird novels at my local independent bookstore today, pics coming soon

HERE we go. Some villain-fic, a recommendation from @millenomi and @hierarchon , a relic “puzzle novel” from the bargain section, and a book I’d never heard of before which is about ants that give animals the power to talk and use weapons so they can fight in a war against humans. This feels like it was an angsty furry webcomic before it was a novel and I’m HERE for it

@irisjaycomics oh dang let me know how vicious is. i've been meaning to get to that one! i just bought the shades of magic books today because i loved them so goddamn much

@wolfteeth god i gotta read the second two in that series, i LOVED the first one

@wolfteeth when i heard the thief girl was the protagonist of the second book i was immediately on board

@irisjaycomics yeah she has a LOT more going on. really everyone has a lot more going on

@makyo @millenomi @hierarchon i absolutely LOVE how ham it goes with attempting to essentially be an ARG in book form. only made it a little bit of the way through the last time i tried to read it (with a library copy, which.... wasn't the ideal way to experience it), so i'm excited to give it another shot!

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