update: the chuck tingle show fuckin ruled, if he comes to your town go see it. Chuck is a DELIGHT

@irisjaycomics I am so glad it sounds like this show was the hoot and a half it deserved to be! Was there anything in particular that stood out as stronger in person than online, or is comparing the two an apples and oranges situation?

@Ferrovore his voice really is exactly like that. I want to make that perfectly clear. It’s not a bit. Also he seems like a very sweet man who also knows what’s horny

@irisjaycomics This makes me EXTREMELY happy to hear. I've seen someone blame him for some sort of ebook downfall but, uh, if his books only cost like a dollar and he GENUINELY wants to write stories about queer sex with titles like a light novel that needs to take its fever medication and go back to bed, I'm pretty sure him writing a lot about horny dinosaurs are not the cause of anyone losing revenue.

@Ferrovore he’s aaaaall right. also people should blame Amazon for that shit, not an independent queer creator

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