COMICS OPINION: I feel like we need to give Jon Allison more props for essentially setting all of his wide range of comic series in one continuous universe that he started in a webcomic nearly 20 years ago. Not a lot of web cartoonists can say they’re still comfortable with the series they created two decades ago. Even less, I’d bet, have tried to spin it off into multiple storylines, in different genres, for different age demographics, while characters continuously age. That’s Fucking Wild


Just mentioning this bc I saw he’s got a new follow up to Giant Days coming out thru Boom and was like “oh hey, I wonder how hard it would be to read thru the entirety of the Scary Go Round canon.” Turns out: Pretty Fucking Difficult. Like not One Piece levels of difficult, but getting there. Anyways, props, Jon

@irisjaycomics What's this new thing? I've been reading him forever and Giant Days is one of my favorite comics I buy these days. I must research.

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