speaking of stupid childhood shit to do with your feet: when are we bringing Skip-Its back

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there's gotta be a Reddit board buried deep in the bowels of the internet where there are people arguing over whether it's better to buy vintage or mod your own for the purest possible adult Skip-It experience

@irisjaycomics everybody should get a skip-it to maintain correct physical distancing in public

@irisjaycomics @ComputerHusband Can we all agree that the Skip-It theme tune is 1) incredibly catchy and 2) prone to some POWERFUL "are those even words or are they just making mouth sounds" sections of the lyrics?

@irisjaycomics @ComputerHusband That is the EXACT line that just turns into channel-tuning distortion in my head whenever I try to remember it. I can absolutely nail the tune, but the words are a solid string of ??? up until we start talking about how there's a counter on this ball again.

@Ferrovore @ComputerHusband it helps if you watch the video at half speed. i mmmmaybe wouldn't recommend watching it at half speed for any other reason though

@irisjaycomics @ComputerHusband Also I happened to accidentally start this one at half speed, too, and this is what the world is like when the cough syrup has kicked in but not ENOUGH

@irisjaycomics "i build a skip-it with an arduino and a 3d printed case that uses bluetooth to connect to your phone and track your skips

edit: the case cracked open when it scraped the ground and my arduino flew 15 feet and snapped in half on the pavement"

@LucasTheDrgn hackers from romania put ransomware on my skip-it, now i have to pay them three hundred bitcoins or it'll tighten around my leg and i'll have to cut it off

@LucasTheDrgn my leg, i mean. also my skip-it, which would be equally heartbreaking, but the leg is more immediately distressing

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