ye best start believin' in isekais, Miss Turner. yer IN one


ye best start believin' in locked room mysteries, Miss Turner. yer IN one... and the fingerprints on the dented candelabra next to our dear late duke belong to YOU

ye best start believin' in flash fiction, Miss Turner. you and your mint condition baby shoes are IN one

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ye best start believin' in podcasts, Miss Turner. i'm IN one. let me tell you about it for the next three hours

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ye best start believin' in pirate stories, Miss Turner. because if ye don't, well, what the hell are we all doin' out here wearin' these silly hats

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sometimes you can create comedy through sheer dogged persistence

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@irisjaycomics ye best start believin' in werewolves, Miss Turner. you're about to become one

@irisjaycomics Ye best start believin’ in shotgun shacks, Miss Turner, because ye may find yerself livin’ in one. And ye also best start believin’ in large automobiles…


@kobi_lacroix @irisjaycomics ye best start believin in dragons, Miss Turner. because you are one.

@Felthry @kobi_lacroix @irisjaycomics pirates of the caribbean (the original quote is about ghost stories(

@irisjaycomics You best start believin' in turn-of-the-millenium CCG magazines, Miss Turner, because you're InQuest

@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics You best start believing in TCG duels being performed in motorcycles Yusho Turner, you're ON one! And I play Shield Warrior in defense mode!!! vroom

You best start believin' in content warnings, Miss Turner, because 

@fluxom_alt @irisjaycomics you're UNDER one!

@BestGirlGrace ye best start believin' in compilations of hit Beatles singles, Miss Turner... yer in

@irisjaycomics You best start believin' in perfect golf games, Miss Turner, because yer a hole in one

@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics You best start believin' that skill with villain goes with wearing incredibly high waisted pants and a vest Miss Turner, because you ARE number one!

@fluxom_alt @BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics You best start believin' in surreal British dystopia TV series, Miss Turner. Who is Number One?

@hierarchon @BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics

"Miss turner found herself in an unbelievable situation that she was instructed to start believing in."

*ding* "What is a ghost story?"

"And contestant number 3 takes the lead with an additional $200."

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon @BestGirlGrace I'm sorry, you have to answer in the form of a question. The answer the judges were looking for was "What is 'Urine won'?"

@irisjaycomics Ya best start believin' in second stories, Miss Turner. Yer IN one, and the stairs down are thataway.

@irisjaycomics ya best start believin' in shitty dark fantasy manga, Turner-chan. You're IN one. And we need to put some ultra violence in the first chapter so take this knife.

@fluxom_alt ye best start believin' in high school murder competitions, Miss Turner. yer IN one, and if you try to leave the island your collar WILL explode

@irisjaycomics You best believe this high school themed death game competition has an entire court system hidden in the basement layer with a suspect seat that's rigged to launch you straight into the moon if you're declared guilty, Turner-senpai,

@irisjaycomics ye best start believin' in podcasts, Miss Turner. ye know who always believed in podcasts? our sponsor for today's episode, blue apr

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