@irisjaycomics You can't top Datin' Satans, I'm sorry, it was one of the highlights of the last decade and if you disagree you just gotta develop some TASTE 😤

@witchfynder_finder i think Datin' Satans is the one i've gotten the most "i wish this was real" comments about already. game devs take note

@irisjaycomics Personally, I'm glad they stopped churning out another identical Jester Manager title every year so they could focus on Clown College Tycoon.

@sinvega *forehead smack* i KNEW there was something i was forgetting. i'm never gonna hear the end of it from the JRPG crowd

@irisjaycomics i'm RISE of the COMBAT of the BLOOD BITCHES 𝓰ₐᵢ𝒹ₑₙ

@irisjaycomics whoa, they made an angry duck 2? i totally missed the announcement!

i thought i'd like sad wizard simulator a lot more than i actually did, it really didn't pull its punches

but of all of these ive really gotta hand it to War Bad Robot Cool. those were some really cool robots. too bad the war wasn't that good.

@velexiraptor we need to find a reason to make games about cool robots that aren't necessarily about the bad wars

@irisjaycomics may i plug, the survival paradigm, my kaiju fighting gig economy tabletop game-in-progress

@irisjaycomics If you need me I’m gonna be going absolutely HAM on some Gentle Puzzles.

@Ferrovore hey, not everyone's a combat beeflord apocalypse boner blood bitch 24/7. sometimes gentle puzzles hit the spot

@irisjaycomics I bet that these all exist, maybe not in name, but in function, in the itch bundle

@irisjaycomics you would think i'm War Bad Robot Cool but i'm actually AXZS Kathedra

@hierarchon excellent choice. the translation is a little wonky and it's got a hell of a steep learning curve, but once you click into a flow it's satisfying like nothing else

@irisjaycomics i'm the wikipedia edit war over whether it's "Book of 3d Smells" or "Book of Smells 3d"

@BestGirlGrace it switches IN the game from time to time too, so this is a point of significant contention

@irisjaycomics a Clue-style multiple ending gimmick, except it's random whether you get "truly, it was, a book of smells 3d" or "truly, they were, a book of 3d smells"

@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics "book of 3d smells" and "book of smells 3d" are rival projects started by the two original lead designers after they had a bitter falling out over the title of the game

@irisjaycomics in ascending order:
• Datin' Satans
• War Bad Robot Cool
• Rise of the Combat Blood Bitches Gaiden
• Datin' Satans GOTY Edition (all about that Lilith DLC folks)

@irisjaycomics Can we make this into a game jam where each participant is assigned one of these game titles and logos at random?

@irisjaycomics you knocked this out of the park lmao

edited cuz i misread special thanks as 'done by' lmao

@KitRedgrave thanks! yeah nero and hye helped me come up with a lot of these names, lol

@irisjaycomics Anger Duck 2! With an exclamation mark! 🦆

Ah, top three, so my other games would be Datin' Satans
and Puzzles for Boring Adults

@irisjaycomics my most played list on steam for this year basically amounts to "gentle puzzles for boring adults"

@irisjaycomics "Gentle Puzzles for Boring Adults" how dare you call me out in this way in front of the entire fediverse :P

@irisjaycomics "Space Fuckup" has also been pretty fun lately. Didn't know they made a sequel to Angry Duck, though!

@irisjaycomics I really liked Apocalypse Boner for its dynamic soundtrack and combo system, even if the humor relied on a lot of pop-culture references.

@irisjaycomics Sad Wizard Sim is the best rendition of the Wizard Sim franchise and nobody can convince me otherwise

Boring Puzzles for Serious Adults gets so meta halfway in (won't spoil what happens - play it for yourself!) and I'm an absolute sucker for that

Datin' Satans, however, is hands-down, the best on the list. Instant classic and obvious winner of the Best Game of 2020. #gamecritic #gamerz #game #awardwinning #hashtag

@irisjaycomics Ascendance: The Rising: Game of the Year: Collector's Edition: Remastered is pretty good now that they've added in 200 dollars worth of DLC and fixed the bug where it bricks your console. I'll buy it when it's down to 20 bucks three months after release

Sad Wizard Simulator really prompted me to self actualize as a teenager and as a result I get very defensive whenever people point out it's extremely racist

Sadly it's spiritual successor funded on kickstarter "Significantly Less Racist Sad Wizard Simulator" injected a lot of political content that I think detracts from the experience

@irisjaycomics i JUST got that BFLRD is meant to be an entry in the Beeflord Saga. oh my god.

@hierarchon the Beeflord games aren't a parody of anything in particular, but BFLRD: rEVOLUTION is absolutely a parody of 2010's DMC: Devil May Cry

@irisjaycomics i actually liked that game but i've never played any other DMC games, and i liked it more for the visual style and aesthetic than the, uh, questionable writing

@hierarchon oh its aesthetic 100% whips ass, i don't think DMC5 would look half as good if the devs didn't take some notes from it. it's got some good stuff in there! (that writing, though, eesh)

@irisjaycomics I pretty much just play Fantasy Grind Online Simulator, though it's in a slow patch between expansions right now, so I'm spending my time alternating between Global Domination Solitaire and Adorable Capitalist Buddies. Adorable Global Capitalist Domination Solitaire Buddies would be fun, though!

@irisjaycomics these are doing something indescribable to my brain

@irisjaycomics I don't know if "good" or "bad" is the right word, I'm just a different person after reading through these and I can't thank you enough

@irisjaycomics I was about to remark that these were all fake, but then I noticed "Beeflord: Omega Sanction," "The Beeflord," and "War Bad Robot Cool," and chuckled internally.

EDIT: Just noticed "Guns Gunman Reloaded," "Beeflord Origins," and "BFLRD rEVOLUTION" and laughed more audibly.

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