still can't stop thinking about this "favorite looney toons characters, by state" map the official looney toons account posted on july 4th. it's like some sort of missive broadcasted from a parallel universe. i can't look away

some choices are understandable. yosemite sam is popular in wyoming because that's where yosemite is. marvin the martian is only big in new mexico, a state known for its rich UFO history. florida loves taz because he's an avatar of primal chaos. other choices, however, are not so obvious, and we're left to wonder why. are there really that many Granny stans in Colorado? why is Speedy Gonzalez hot in Maine? hey Massachusetts, is that femmed-out Daffy? can we talk about femme Daffy????? Mass??????

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Ohio has picked Gossamer, because Ohio sucks. West Virginia has picked that one fuckin dog who was an extra in Space Jam; that's literally the only thing i can remember him from. five states, including my home state of Maryland, apparently show up for Tweety Bird, but only New Jersey likes Sylvester, an objectively better character. i seriously don't understand why people like Tweety so much. Tweety fucking sucks. we've all known this for decades

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also: hey Wisconsin and Michigan, does Elmer Fudd seriously do it for you??? a bald white guy with a gun???? what the shit

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okay fuck it this CAN'T be accurate. i'm making a google doc now

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@irisjaycomics some of the really obvious choices are fucking me up. does alaska really like penguins that much? are north and south dakota truly at war in this way? ...louisiana????

@junebug the north and south dakota thing is SO puzzling, partially because they aren't even close to the Southwestern setting of Coyote/RR cartoons, but also because, like, does North Dakota see themselves as the smart one and South Dakota see themselves as the quick one???? what does this say about state relations

@irisjaycomics the witch being popular in louisiana tracks perfectly with my experience, particularly of living in new orleans

@irisjaycomics there are some far-out choices on here but it is uproariously funny to me that california picked lola bunny. because of course they did

@wolfteeth @irisjaycomics I like that the Dakotas picked The Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote. I know nothing about it but I'm imagining that's their dynamic.

@irisjaycomics is that not (northern) michigan and wisconsin in a nutshell?

@irisjaycomics california liking the hot rabbit girl from space jam is extremely funny to me

@wolfteeth so everyone in West Virginia is like "FUCK that stupid rooster", i guess

@irisjaycomics if you consider how west virginia came into existence, it kinda fits

@irisjaycomics I think Gossamer or a look-alive is associated with an Ohio college?

@elecray7k @irisjaycomics can confirm that gossamer is DEFINITELY a college sports thing in that area

@ComputerHusband @irisjaycomics Ohio State was my college's rival so I'm guessing it's that one?

@irisjaycomics i think that's melissa duck (but i literally had to look up her name, she's that unimportant)

@wolfteeth ah, a hetero love interest created to make sure people didn't think daffy was gay, which he absolutely is

@irisjaycomics the fac that the femmed out daffy is actually just this short time generic duck girlfriend for daffy that has appeared 6 times, with her last proper appearance (not counting baby looney tunes) being in 1988 only raises way more questions i feel

@irisjaycomics Yosemite is just outside of Fresno. Youre thinking of Yellowstone lmao

@irisjaycomics now I'm questioning why Granny is such a big deal here, and only here, as opposed to characters that give off much more CO energy, like Wile E. Coyote

@irisjaycomics this is a tangent but.... I flat out refuse to believe the favorite looney toon in new mexico is anything but the roadrunner! roadrunners are our state bird and we put them on damn near everything here! we even called our train line the "rail runner" and made it so that when it starts moving it goes

@irisjaycomics I think I know why Massachusetts got that forgettable duck: she gets possessed in the only cartoon I’ve ever seen with her in it so I’m guessing it’s a Salem thing slightly less obvious than Witch Hazel.

@irisjaycomics Y'know, I filled out the form later, and as someone who is *from* Ohio, I clicked on Gossamer completely without thinking, and before I saw this post or the image that caused this. I cannot tell you why.

@irisjaycomics no way in hell this is accurate, most people won't even know the minor characters names let alone have them as favs

lola being cali's favorite tracks tho, easily the furriest state in the union

@jdlwerewolf the social media account manager claims that they "did some research" but doesn't elaborate on what that research entails. was there a POLL? what kind of sample size are we talking about? when was this tabulated???? hello???????????? data?????????????????? sources?????????????????????????

@irisjaycomics @jdlwerewolf How is it Wile E. Coyote isn't like a favorite in NM and AZ when he's basically the home team? Also I can't honestly imagine anyone from Georgia liking Foghorn Leghorn, that's a little TOO much on the nose.

@irisjaycomics California, Georgia, Wisconsin and Washington are all what they are for horny reasons

@irisjaycomics yeah uh

pretty sure they just kinda filled this one out willy nilly, lmao

@Thaminga this is what i'm thinking too. but even then, some of the choices are mystifying

@typhlosion @irisjaycomics Every state gets to elect 1 co-president, equal in power to the office of the president as we know it. Each must stay in costume and in character for the entire four years or lose their position.

Seventy years ago it became law that you must have explicit permission from the copyright holder. Warner Bro's Looney Toons brand was the only brand willing to risk officially associating their characters with potentially controversial politicians.

@irisjaycomics I feel weirdly insulted by their choice for Colorado?

I'm wondering if whatever social media person made this just kinda thought "yeah, this is an animal they have there or whatever."

who the hell is massachusetts even supposed to be??

@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics yeah the more i look at this the more i suspect that this is just their social media person assigning each state a toonsona

@junebug @irisjaycomics there may have been some kind of survey going on, just because if you ask people at random who their favorite looney toon is, they're probably going to say "the rabbit" or "the duck"

some of these are too weirdly perfect, like the dakotas being the coyote and the roadrunner

@junebug @irisjaycomics "hey, furries, where do you live and who's your favorite looney toon" might skew the results a bit

@BestGirlGrace Melissa Duck, a hetero love interest for Daffy from like two shorts??? not what i think anyone would expect

@irisjaycomics @BestGirlGrace wait, does this mean the official Looney Toons account is *shipping states*

@irisjaycomics Did they ask people to pick from a list? Choose a picture? Or did they just ask people "hey, who's your favorite looney toon"? Or did they, you know, just kinda pick ones that felt right

@BestGirlGrace the more i look at this, the more i feel like whoever runs the twitter account just arbitrarily picked them

@junebug @irisjaycomics what if it's the other way around, and this map actually shows the statesonas of the various looney toons characters

bugs just can't decide, huh

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