HEY AMERICANS, big reminder: you can text "USPS" to 50409 to sign a big-ass petition to save the United States Postal Service that'll get sent to your congress reps. inexpensive, reliable mail service is crucial to everyone in the American comics industry, as well as everyone else in the creative and small business fields. signing only takes a minute and doesn't require any info more personal than your street address and email. DO IT!

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- SEND A POSTCARD. letters in envelopes have to be thoroughly screened before they land on the desk of your congress rep, but postcards get through the system a LOT quicker. they don't take long to write out and you're technically also supporting the USPS in a tiny way by using a stamp.
- SEND A FAX. they don't get as many because we don't live in 1993 anymore, and they're REQUIRED to read em. you can send a fax for free from your computer with

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@irisjaycomics yeah, spend a little over a buck in postage to use the USPS and to send postcards to congressperson and senators


If only there was a petition to shove Trump's cronies in the faring of an Atlas Centaur and launch the fuckers to burn up in Jupiter's atmosphere.

@emma @irisjaycomics That's a waste of up mass. Just toss 'em in the flame trench for the next launch. Any rocket will do.

@nivex @irisjaycomics

100 million for the mission is cheap, and the spectacle will put fear into superstitious Nazis.

Esp. if you put cameras in the faring and a sat to send video of their agonized, frozen visages as they fall into Jovian gravity.

@nivex @irisjaycomics

I want white men to think of Kushner's face-frosted over, and frozen in terror-any time they think of trying rent-seeking.

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