fucking aaaawesome. apparently some vendors on Wish ripped off my Queer Hacker sticker and they're putting it in a bunch of hacker sticker packs. filing a DMCA tomorrow. Don't Fucking Buy Stuff Off Wish, Kids

If you want the QUEER HACKER design on a larger, high-quality weatherproof vinyl sticker and you want me to actually get paid for it, I sell them on my online shop here:

If it's a real Iris Jay sticker, it'll have a URL that leads to either my site or the Crossed Wires site on it somewhere. I'm that thorough. Accept No Substitutes

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@BestGirlGrace me too. the worst are the people in the comments who are like "hey that AOL sticker is pretty slick :J i should get some of these ',:J retweeted"

@irisjaycomics It's a good fucking sticker! I hope you can at least get something out of this shit.

@irisjaycomics wish sucks, I'm sorry you have to deal with it :/

@irisjaycomics I wouldn't shit on Wish for the bad behavior of some of their third party sellers.

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