I went to Twice Sold Tales while on vacation and got two photos of their shop cars that ended up being a little subpar due to my Impatient Hands

I would’ve bought this book (from the LGBTQ Literature section) for the title and cover alone, but the plot synopsis sounds even better

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BOOKSELLER’S TIP: Place two copies of Ready Player One next to each other and they’ll begin to reproduce. You don’t want your SF/F stock infested with these things

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@irisjaycomics you gotta keep 'em in those plastic book sleeves to keep this from happening

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt *i show up for a hot date at the library* i didn't want to take any chances, so i made sure to bring "dust jackets", wink wonk wink

@irisjaycomics @fluxom_alt The seattle library slaps. It'd rule to just kinda walk around with someone you like

@BestGirlGrace @fluxom_alt we should do this when it opens back up! i have some books that are uh *checks calendar* ssssseven months overdue anyway, ahahahaaaaa

@irisjaycomics @fluxom_alt Yeah! Gotta enjoy Seattle's finest cool book house.

Fuck, it's gonna rule being able to go places again

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