@irisjaycomics I keep forgetting that y'all have like a projector or somethjng and that's just such a powerful move to do.

@ComputerHusband it鈥檚 like I鈥檓 in our own private theater. with space ghost. and emo philips

@elecray7k it tries so hard to build something, and it reeeeally doesn't manage it. great set design though

@irisjaycomics yeah, it fails in what it sets out to do but its ambition is just through moon.
I will never forget Karl Urban using a corpse as a phone.

@elecray7k GOD YES. the Lensors in particular were some incredible costume design. also you really gotta give it up for a bunch of baddies who decided to call themselves "THE NECROMONGERS" and then put big angry faces on everything

@irisjaycomics The bit where the Necromonger priest says "...there is another verse" just blew my mind.

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