HIS DARK MATERIALS SEASON 2 IS FINALLY HERE, BABEY!!! His Dark Materials fans, get your materials!!

a loose summary of what I remember of each His Dark Materials book 

The Golden Compass: literally everything. front to back. all plot points memorized. tertiary characters, minor gags and detailed explanations of exactly how the daemons, the alethiometer, Gyptian societal customs and royal panserbjörne hierarchy work. Everything.

The Subtle Knife: there’s a knife. also Italy’s haunted

The Amber Spyglass: the teens fuck in this one

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Why do I remember so much of the first book and not the second two? Is it because its air of high adventure and mysterious modern fantasy setting captivated me? Is it because Lyra is an atypically dark and complex protagonist for a novel vaguely marketed to children? Was it the daemons? Just kidding, of course it was the fucking daemons, why do you even have to ask

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I wanted a talking shapeshifter animal friend so bad when I was a lonely little bookworm. I remember being particularly captivated by the one single background character in Golden Compass, mentioned in one SINGLE LINE, who was a guy with a male daemon, and wondering what that meant. What gender would my daemon be? What determines the gender of your daemon? I thought about this A LOT as a kid

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“What if... I WAS someone’s daemon. And then I could change into whatever shape I wanted, and go on secret missions with a cool rowdy human girl who’d be my bestie. That would be.... so cool...”

1. That’s just a fursona, small Iris
2. In a way, you turned into that cool rowdy human girl, so hey, nice work

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Be the daemon and/or rowdy human you want to see in the world. Also get twisted, poke a hole in the multiverse and shiv God, no rules just right babey

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