fucked up that they didn’t just keep making more of Garfield: His 9 Lives (1984)

I’m not talking about the animated special or the recent Boom! Studios revival. I’m talking the original experimental illustrated book thing. I just want to see more wildly different artists and writers write Garfield stories with the missive of “okay just go hog wild, make it weird”

Most info about it online today is about The One Fucked Up Story In It Where Garfield Cold Murders A Grandma

Plus “Babes & Bullets”, the noir pastiche that was basically Blacksad 1.0 and was popular enough to get its own spinoff animated special later. I remember the art for it looking spectacular— just realistic anthro cats in suits doing detective things, in moody greyscale. I wish I could find more images

Later adaptations were just “what if Garfield was a little detective cat!!” No. I want photorealistic cat people pulp mysteries. Maybe this is why I remember this even now despite having last read G:H9L when I was, like, six


Don’t talk to me about Blacksad. It could’ve been this and then it did a big What If Furries Were A Racism Allegory

There was also one called “The Garden” which is REALLY hard to find any scans of online, and that’s a fucking shame, because its eye-wateringly bright neo-psychedelia airbrush art carbon dates it to 1984. A Girl Media artifact lost to time

This is like. The only art of it I could find on GIS. Most other mentions of it are the animated special’s version of it, which, again, sucked a lot of the weirdness out of it

@hi_cial it’s never a good idea!! Ever!! Even in media I enjoy otherwise!!!!!

@irisjaycomics everyone pls ur not going to write the next maus and maus was nonfiction aaaaa

@hi_cial the ONLY reason Maus works is because it’s nonfiction and the anthro conceit is brought up multiple times in the text

@irisjaycomics i honestly think the cavalier attitude w which the holocaust is discussed & amount of holocaust denialism in the usa especially has made ppl miss. That. Aspect.

Insert "wow cool furry race allegory" bullet shooting over the head meme here

@hi_cial y'all tasted the piece of cheese wrapped around the bitter pill of the Holocaust's cruel realities and were like "hey this tastes great, we should make this into a queso dip or something"

@irisjaycomics Oh yeah, I remember that book. I still think about parts of it, especially The Garden. I wish it had been much more of a thing, all those different stories were waaaaay more creative than anything else ever done with Garfield.

@Soreth it was cool! And like PAWS Inc is well-off enough and Garfield is a pretty bulletproof IP at this point, they might as well try it again!

@irisjaycomics I dunno, I think Jim Davis has a screaming fit if anybody tries to be creative with the property these days. We might have to wait for him to pass away before anything cool can happen there again. <..<

@irisjaycomics ??? Obviously it was i mean i had a subscription as a lil baby

@hi_cial god FUCK yes. I can only imagine what they did to fill an entire magazine with garf content

@irisjaycomics a lot of merch photos!! Reprints of older art! Letters! Anecdotes any true garf fan read a hundred times already! Uhhhh i think it hyped the tv show but i honestly dunno

@irisjaycomics mostly i remember ripping out pages and putting them on my wall which was just plastered w garf (including my own fanart of him) and coveting the garf tummy fishbowl w all my wee heart

@irisjaycomics You mean, everything that makes BNA a steaming hot pile of shit?

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