ALSO A QUICK PROGRAMMING NOTE: Updates will continue to be a little thin on the ground for a bit. Focusing on scripting has been a bit of a struggle recently, so I've decided to devote the entirety of March to rebuild the script buffer on all four of my current comic projects.

I could use my old excuse of "agh! so hectic!", but let's be real, freelancing is never NOT hectic, and the pandemic has only been an added psychic drain. Drawing is (mostly) a craft, but writing requires an open-minded state of play that's harder to achieve these days. It sucks!

SO: I'm trying something different with how I write. Once March is over I'd like to have a big stack of scripts that I can just bolt forward with. Ideally, if this works, I can do this again sometime in summer and have enough XW pages to finish Volume 2 by the end of the year.

ANYWAYS. Thanks for sticking with me through these sporadic updates (and Iris Jay Shop Talk Time), and stay tuned-- while XW will be slightly quieter during March, I still have some very exciting announcements planned..... >:3c

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