dream journal 

had a dream last night that there was a third string of cutscenes after Death Stranding’s second credit sequence that you had to play in VR as Mads Mikkelsen and what the fuck is wrong with my brain


dream journal, cw gore 

The Virtual Mads Experience was like WAY gorier than the rest of the game and involved a lot of forced surgery, scared kids, shitty doctor dads, and newly C-sectioned babies dripping with viscera while hovering in midair, all taking place in a house that kept changing wallpaper and fixtures around me. Occasionally there were interludes where I had to watch a weird high schooler student film on VHS, and I came to savor those non-bloodbath moments

dream journal 

The weirdest part was that I was scared, but I also had this strong feeling of deja vu while in it, like I’d watched the whole thing on an LP or something. The vibe wasn’t just “oh god oh fuck”, it was “ooookay Hideo, is all this REALLY fucking necessary”

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