people are talking a lot about Space Jam today, i guess. which means it's probably time to dig this one out of the vaults

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this was originally made as a class project for Visual Storytelling II when I was at SCAD. i forget what the project parameters were, but i do remember being a little shithead who was eager to see how much i could get away with (1/2)

the inside of the cover was a Michael Jordan mask you could cut out and wear. a lot of people who bought this minicomic bought it mostly for this, and as a result, there aren't that many surviving copies left in the world. A Rare Gem (2/2)

anyways, that's Space Jam Man. it's definitely something i made when i was 21. now that they've made a sequel, I'm SUPER excited for the juicy, juicy paycheck from Warner Brothers that should be coming in the mail any day now

@BestGirlGrace happy to yank you down my golf course hole into my looney tuney world


This made my day and I love the Quad City DJ's ref on the back cover.

The mashup of the Space Jam Theme with This Year is still the peak of western civilization.

@irisjaycomics iris there are times when i realise just how lucky i am to be following you because this

this is fucking legendary oh my god

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