Story idea: the future. Dystopian. Paranoid. Everyone is issued a gun from birth. Guns are regarded as vital to wear everywhere, as important as underwear. But here’s the kicker: there’s only one single bullet on earth, and nobody knows who has it

Other bullets don’t work anymore. You can’t make them. And the bullet teleports to a different place on the planet every week so nobody can really hang on to it for too long. And it can fit any gun, but like, do you really want to use it??? MAGIC BULLET, coming to Image this fall

okay i'm fully awake and this is still a good idea, into the pitch pile it goes

it'll definitely work best as a short story or anthology piece because then i have the luxury of not having to explain how everything works. "what about other projectile weapons?" nope, they don't work. "wait, but WHY" look they just don't, okay. Cosmic Rays or something. the point of the story is guns are for idiots

guns that can also be used as blades or blunt instruments are popular with real aggro types. but it's gotta work as a gun too, juuuust in case you wake up one morning and The Bullet is sitting on the floor next to your bed, vibrating and humming softly. so you end up getting these dudes who have AKs with sledgehammer heads and meat cleavers strapped to the rifle butts and shit. but they just don't work very well. fights end up looking extremely stupid

@irisjaycomics what if... instead of it disappearing every week, when it shows up, you then have it until you fire it

but everyone on earth wants this fucking bullet

many people have guns just so they can shove the bullet in and fire it instantly to get it away from them

@junebug ooh that's good. if you DON'T have it, you don't want anyone to KNOW you don't have it. you want the plausibility that you MIGHT have it. but if you DO have it, you kind of want the plausibility that you DON'T have it

@irisjaycomics hear me out. cold open.

man wakes up. holds gun to head. pulls trigger. when he clicks it, the notification for what time it is in his Patented Smart Gun goes off, he goes about his day, pointing his gun at himself to take selfies, pointing his gun at cahsiers to send them money at the store; someone is like "jesus isn't that kinda dark" and he's like cmooon it's just edgy i can do what i want don't bother me (cont)

as he goes to bed that night, he points the gun at his lamp to turn it off for the night.


close up on stunned, horrified face as he realize he just lost his chance.

v dark 

@irisjaycomics alternate ending: as he goes to bed that night he jokingly points it at his head lol, as a joke


*horrified expression*

*cut to darkness and BANG*

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@junebug this has ABSOLUTELY happened in this story's universe at least once

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@irisjaycomics russian roulette becomes a much more fun idea when your odds are one in 6 billion

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@junebug god i bet there'd be reddit boards about who can do it the sickest. some dude using a rocket launcher as a bong while yanking on the trigger, just to show he doesn't give a shit

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@irisjaycomics this brings up a question like... does the bullet change to fit the gun?

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@irisjaycomics fuck the us military and (other country) in a horrifying horrifying standup with infinite weapons pointed at each other

just waiting


for one of their nuke launchers to get the bullet

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@junebug @irisjaycomics does it go to a random weapon or a random point on the planet

do people start owning a bunch of guns to increase their odds

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@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics okay, hear me out. rich gunmaker who has lost his mind starts amassing ammo. just collecting as MUCH of it as possible; he's decided that guns are god to the american people and he's going to make a sacrifice

he puts like... 200 thousand pounds of ammuniation in one gigantic hole and then drops a bomb in it, killing himself and everyone within a couple miles

and as the explosion builds... every bit of ammo on earth gets sucked into it

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@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics until at the center is one, tiny bullet.

and then it disappears

anytime someone makes Ammuniation for a Gun, it ends up just being absorbed by the energy of The Bullet. nobody can make anymore.

but people have a whole religion about this now, and stockpile guns in hopes they'll be the one chosen

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@junebug @irisjaycomics without realizing that the irony of the situation is that the more guns you have, the harder it is to know which one has the bullet

people invest in all sorts of alarms and detectors and such that promise to let you know when you have it, but, well, how are you gonna test 'em

so folks stay up all night, waiting, watching, all to make sure they don't miss their shot

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@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics everything becomes integrated with a gun, because like. you don't want to miss your chance.

and like, does the bullet leave after a certain time? does it stay untijl you fire it? if you try to take it out, what happens? will it fill any weapon, even like. a rocket launcher?

all questions that probably no one knows the answer to because how many people have actually HAD the bullet

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@junebug @BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics
what defines "ammunition" and "gun" I wonder. does a super soaker count, if it does then there's a water shortage, if not then where at the point when you scale up to metal gear ray's water laser does it count as an actual gun, and at what pressure does water have to be to just, disappear into the bullet

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@Runner @junebug @BestGirlGrace it only becomes defined as bullet when it's loaded into a gun with the intent of becoming a harmful projectile. so like. pressure washers still work and shit

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@irisjaycomics @junebug @BestGirlGrace someone realizes you can get rid of things by just classifying it as a projectile and sticking it in a cannon with the intent to fire it

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@Runner @irisjaycomics @BestGirlGrace secret murderous circus cult by way of the human cannonball act

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@junebug @Runner @BestGirlGrace oh my god. so like. cannons used for human cannonbals are, like, specifically built for firing people, right?


maybe circus cult is hoping they can get the Bullet so they can turn it into the precisely correct ammunition. maybe they're trying to turn it into a person

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@BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics @Runner or: trying to get back the original actor who disappeared why back when

It turns into th ammo most suited for the gun, and who did the act every night? Their beloved ringleader, Cannonball Ron. Maybe one day they will pull th trigger and he'll come flying out...

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@junebug @BestGirlGrace @irisjaycomics @Runner But the tragedy is that as soon as they fire him, he will hit his target and disappear. So if it ever works, they will test the limits of how long it sticks around withour being fired.

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@rockario @junebug @BestGirlGrace @Runner i keep picturing a very Q Hayashida style character that's just a guy with a big bullet with teeth for a head who just runs around and shouts BANG BANG!!! and nobody in the cult quite realized how Difficult he'd be to deal with

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@junebug @irisjaycomics @rockario @Runner Oooooh, this is one of those bulletheads i've heard so much about

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@irisjaycomics Mortis Ghost's art introduced me to the wonder of too-long teeth like this and you have absolutely made 'em work on your own terms! I highly appreciate the frantic energy in all the linework here. Would it be worth doing an entire piece like this (Magic Bullet or otherwise), or was it a bit of a pain to do?

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@Ferrovore oh it wasn't a pain at all, lol. i'd love to do something like this but with a finer, scratchier line, again riffing a little on Q Hayashida and (other obvious influence) Tatsuki Fujimoto's grungier work

v dark, human cannonball 

@irisjaycomics I would absolutely read a comic riffing on Ralph Steadman, PREFERABLY if the story is good but I've read worse comics just because they were intriguing to look at, so...

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