"furry going mainstream is bad" is still a core belief of mine, but also: if you had told 2008 me that there'd be this much furry bullshit just freely available in the world, both professionally funded and independently produced, i think my little brain would've popped

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"listen. there is so much furry bullshit out there now that you don't have to compulsively consume all of it to feel like part of The Scene."
"like, i think the last thing i watched for that reason was the disney animated movie about furry cops from five years ago, and it sucked"
"there's a dating show on netflix about people using realistic prosthetics to date each other as animal people, and everyone thinks it looks BORING"

we've come a long way from voluntarily subjecting ourselves to the work of "musical" "artist" MIKA, is what i'm saying

@BestGirlGrace i'm saying that any amount of time spent sucking on that lollipop was too long, frankly

@irisjaycomics This is reminding me to listen to more Mika, thanks!

@Ferrovore you're well within your legal right to do that! i will not, though!

@irisjaycomics Which just folds right back into that "you don't have to engage with All Of It" vibe nicely!

There are some people who have very strong feelings about Road Rovers in TYOOL 2021 and I'm so glad I don't have to.

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