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Dream log: I fucking learned magic.

It was part ancient ritual, part new-agey energy channeling, taught to me by an old lady looking for a successor. There were a lot of books involved, a lot of complex hand gestures. At one point I was given a kitchen knife and told I had to scare the shit out of this super elderly mage; it didn't work, so I kissed him instead, figuring he'd be some transphobic old fuck, but THAT didn't work bc he actually was pretty nice and into it???

I learned so fast in the dream, it felt like second nature. I remember poring over warped, yellowing paperbacks from the sixties with weird illustrations of insects and chakras and ley lines. I learned how to change the shapes of objects, how to make them levitate, and how to tear open tesseracts to places both on this Earth and on others. I had to keep it all deathly secret though.

I woke up right before I learned how to shapeshift.

Sometimes the worst dreams are the ones you're enjoying.

IF I AM INCREDIBLY LUCKY: this will be a recurring thing, and I'll get to actually dive back into studies tomorrow. Will keep y'all posted if I can manage to remember anything beyond vague snatches and glimpses.

@irisjaycomics I feel like the really interesting dreams I get like this always come with a feeling of "is this a continuation of a dream I've had before?" which is almost MORE infuriating?

@snoozlebee no YEAH like. What am I missing out on? When do I get the episode recap?

@irisjaycomics @snoozlebee briefly when i was in my late teens i had a sequential series of dreams where i learned to tf into a winged wolf and fly under my own power. like i got better at it in each dream. they were so vivid! very high school ideas but also: amazing