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- POC women as THE main characters, hell fuckin yes
- a bunch of weird-ass aliens we haven't seen yet, including "We Only Live To Know Exactly When We Die" Guy aka possibly the most goth species ever
- it really seems like they tried to make it its own stylistic thing rather than hitch it to the new movies, or the 90s series, or the 60s series, which: hey, that's daring and good

- "TEN YEARS BEFORE KIRK" just means we're gonna get a bunch of weird allusions to the original series in here that will likely fall flat considering how HILARIOUSLY HIGHER the production value in this is
- also, did we REALLY need to retry Enterprise. Really.
- Klingon faces look like horseshoe crab underbellies now I guess
- oh. right. CBS Access. i forgot. they could've just put "COMING SOON TO TORRENT SITES EVERYWHERE" and it'd have the same effect

@irisjaycomics Wait so hmm is the whole SERIES about Creepy Space Sarcophagus or is that like.. maybe just a pilot thing.

Because I love me some xenoarchaeology but I'm getting a whiff of 'save the galaxy from Klingon Mummy' there and that feels verrrry... 🤔

✨Iris Jay✨ VanCAF D13 @irisjaycomics

@indi i feel you. the jury is reeeeally out with me re: the Klingons in this one

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