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youtube.com/watch?v=Yy9sKeCE8V also hey while we're Talking Trek: dear Seth McFarlane, we didn't all just magically forget about Galaxy Quest. you can't just sell us on essentially the same hook but with shittier jokes, more sexism and your dumbass face smirking as you Awkward Comedy Stutter every ten seconds

@irisjaycomics I mean, eesh, a key point of Galaxy Quest was how much the show MEANT to people, even when the cast was mostly 200% done with it and everything related to it. "This is pretty cheesy and stupid but it's inspired so many fans in way more solar systems than initially expected" is actually a really nice message, even if Tim Allen keeps being a nasty turdlord these days!

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@Ferrovore this is that, but instead of "fans are cool actually" the message is "Seth McFarlane is an extremely funny and cool person"

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@irisjaycomics This trailer feels like the equivalent of seeing a piece of art that looks really cool from the thumbnail, but full-size is...nope, not gonna work, hit that back button right quick.