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apparently Wolf Parade came out with a new album recently??? now is a better time than ever to listen to their first album, "Apologies To The Queen Mary", a capital-P Perfect LP and probably one of the best distillations of what the fuck "indie rock" was about back in the 2000s (as well as LCD Soundsystem's first album, the New Pornographers' "Twin Cinema" and god probably either the Strokes' "Is This It" or Spoon's "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga". feel free to argue with me)


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@irisjaycomics I love "Is This It" but have a small problem with how it turned out - when it came time to finalize the record, they had been fiddling in the studio with the album a bit too much, largely making the songs faster and more layered. My brother, close to six months before the album came out had managed to track down a rougher, and imo, better cut.

ALSO they cut New York City Cops which was one of the best songs.

@idesofmerch god fucking for real??? i'd KILL to find that cut

@irisjaycomics I'll check my files. I may have it still.

@irisjaycomics ugguugghh i do need to be on masto more if i'm otherwise gonna miss 2000 indie rock chat. (currently browsing individual people timelines because masto emptied my normal one??)

@anfael YEAH, I use this space to talk about goofy fun stuff all the time!! (Also what were your main jams back then. C'moooonnnn)

@irisjaycomics i'm having a harder time than i expected recalling!! but it was peak TMBG time for me. also let's see: flaming lips, ween, super furry animals, phoenix, grandaddy (scrolling through my itunes sorted by year) oh yes there's arcade fire and arc. in helsinki

@irisjaycomics also i'm remembering i was into a lot of idk what you call it, cross-over stuff like bis and cornelius. also it looks like aussie salad days back then so a lot of regurgitator, spiderbait and gerling if any of those words mean anything to you. and a lot of brit representation too: belle & sebastian, gomez (before they were dadrock (or maybe they always were)), pulp before i decided they were just a little too skeevy

@irisjaycomics and oh right! i remembered i wanted to jump in because you mentioned new porn's "twin cinema" which is Good and i probably still like it even if i haven't listened to it in aaages

@irisjaycomics oh!! also this 2004 thing, which i still have on my phone and for whatever reason lately i associate it with you! youtube.com/watch?v=wMkXxRtXDo

@irisjaycomics also i'm compelled to give a special mention to bands i really tried to get into but ultimately failed: mercury rev, of montreal

@irisjaycomics oh my god i just remembered i had an alkaline trio phase, of all things, lmao. and last days of april

@anfael god I tried to get into mercury rev so HARD, but that VOCALIST. Also I used to be an Of Montreal super fan but fell the fuck off after Skeletal Lamping came out and I slowly realized that a white cis dude making a concept album about his "black shemale" persona was actually Not So Good

@anfael (and I mean, Hissing Fauna's front end is untouchable, but fucking "to me you're just some f*ggy girl / and I need a lover with soul power" on "Fabergé Falls For Shuggie"? Hey Kevin, get your SHIT together, Christ)

@irisjaycomics oh yeah wow ouch. i could go on, kinda. like before that even hit i slowly grew a general distaste for like, real paternal songs by dudes about girls (c.f. pulp and so on). when this alt-persona came out i was like, *wanting* to be down with someone openly toying with non-binary gender in mainstream-ish art. but of course after sitting with it i was fooling myself giving it far too charitable a read. oh the things i almost give a pass to for representation

@irisjaycomics i kinda cringe now admitting i was even momentarily undecided on something as truly on-the-nose as that, but, well, it was early days

@anfael same here, friend. Saaaaaame heeeeeere

@anfael I've never heard of this but it sounds extremely like my shit!!!

@anfael HELL YEAH. The New Pornos are timeless

@irisjaycomics i need to get back into 'em, i remember enjoying Challengers a lot too

@anfael check out Brill Bruisers, it's their best record since TC imo