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like legit what we got was a co-op campaign which is... adequate, an "endless" co-op campaign which seems nightmare balls hard on even the easiest setting, and 8v8 deathmatch aka GOOD LUCK PLAYING AGAINST DUDES WHO HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE 1995

normally i wouldn't care, but in this case i really want to get some of the spicier halloween skins. or just like. any. at all. would be great.

like: blizzard i swear to god i would legit drop like twenty extra bucks on your stupid video game if you let me just buy whichever outfits i want instead of just rolling the dice and hoping i don't get yet another box full of sprays and player icons. it's literally the shittiest part of OW by a country mile

@irisjaycomics I guess HotS has some benefit there. They offer weekly packs for skins for realbucks. But yeah, the lootboxes HURT

@Draekos NO YEAH that's like 100% a better way to do things but it's a MOBA so I'm probably never gonna play it

@irisjaycomics yeah... yeah. I have a horrible addiction to them, HotS comes and goes. Quit League for good, and the rest just... eh.

I miss Dawngate, but that's never going to be recovered, so HotS is the best I've got to scratch that itch these days.

@irisjaycomics the fact that I have seen people routinely do like "100 dollar special event Dropbox opening parties" on YouTube and still not get every skin is Pretty Shitzo

@irisjaycomics blizzard: we don't need your money iris, there are more than enough people who will happily drop a hundred bucks on the hope of getting the new skin they want out of loot boxes!

(Hooray for the horrible horrible world of f2p game mechanics.)

@egypturnash this is why second life is clearly the superior game