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✨Iris Jay✨ @irisjaycomics

friends, instead of cheese on your pizza pie, why not try: a liter of freshly spritzed earthworms

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@irisjaycomics Gimme a slice of those deep-dish wrigglers!

@Ferrovore mmmnumnumnumnumnum! they stretch just like the real thing.

@irisjaycomics I feel like "bird eats worm in bun like hot dog" is one of those evergreen funny animal sight gags.

@Ferrovore oh same, also: big plate of worms done up to look like spaghetti

@irisjaycomics Worm curled up like a lollipop, worm arranged like soft-serve in a cone, worm "waffles," worm fries, worm pretzels...

If someone else was responsible for the actual PLOT I could probably punch up animal antics comics/illustrations more or less indefinitely. I imagine the Bojack team has a blast doing those.

@irisjaycomics My interest in insect cuisine is making it very hard not to take this as a challenge tbh

@Mous MAKE ME EAT MY WORDS. (But maybe not literally... eugh...)

@irisjaycomics You FOOL. You UTTER RUBE. I've already shredded your Toot and served it over worm pasta!

@irisjaycomics fucking birbs, gotta put your hermaphroditic meat-tubes on everything, geez

@egypturnash and yet you will gleefully slaughter the noble and endangered pepperonus for your pizza topping. do not point fingers at US, ma'am