tl;dr masto's decentralization and user-run aspects are its strengths, not its weaknesses

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@irisjaycomics I haven't tried to do much when it comes to a decentralized internet but I worry this is going to be an effort that is primarily separate and not a cohesive movement *because* there isn't any place to go for issues and grievances.

@jeffperry i mean sure there is, there's your local instance admins for day-to-day issues and there's the Masto dev team for code issues

@irisjaycomics 100% agree but i think it takes a while for stuff like instances and federation to sink in for new folks; it's a whole extra axis to move in. also i think the exact people who need an out from twitter are the same people who are coming here with scars and hypervigilance; control over identity and guarding against impersonation is high on the checklist

@irisjaycomics just coming at this from the platonic ideal of a new user (i know some imminent ones!) but i haven't seen the actual comments doing the rounds so maybe they'd flip me into saltmode if they're being mean to the devs

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