What do you think girl bait would be. Asking for a friend. A friend who is me

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@irisjaycomics okay so boy bait was basically made as an incredibly heterosexual pastry, so girl bait should be the inverse of that-an incredibly gay pastry.

so all we have to do is figure out what the gayest pastry is, and then we're set

@RatWithScarf AHA BUT. you are assuming boy bait cannot be COOKED by boys. despite its ignominious origins, it still has worth as a gay pastry in and of itself.

what i'm REALLY curious about, the REAL superthought here, is enby bait

@irisjaycomics a pastry, untethered by the gender binary...the ultimate dessert.

i'm gonna take a wild guess here and say melon bread, because it disregards the boundary between bread and cookie. melon bread is enby bait.

@irisjaycomics pockets. Pockets in all the things, big enough to hold a phone AND keys.

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