eggnog is not like other beverages in that it is made of actual eggs and contains six billion calories. i forgot about this when i tried to drink it with dinner, like a normal beverage


eggnog is best sipped slowly and pensively in front of a roaring fireplace, not mixed with bourbon and pounded alongside a bowl of homemade spicy donburi

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that's like a dozen eggs. no wait that's like fifty eggs. i just ate ninety eggs and i'm going to die doing what i loved, which is eating eggs



@irisjaycomics I will (metaphorically and politely) fight you on this.

(Though I would take it both ways.)

@irisjaycomics Sorry to hear. Hope you're feeling better soon. :/

@irisjaycomics por que no las dos tbh. one pensive sipping nog and one nog to rail!

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