LRT: holy shit this might be the death knell of "patreon as tip jar". i gotta rethink shit. was possibly consdering migrating my main Patreon over to Drip anyways and drastically shifting the format because i feel like i've been hammering my head against a wall just trying to come up with content to put on it

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@irisjaycomics I'm honestly so disappointed :\ if there's some way ppl can just toss money to creators without some fuckin middleman taking the $$$ creators deserve, I want to know bc I'm sick and tired of not being able to just uh yanno support people I care about w/o some random company getting involved lol

Either way patreon's interface is garbage anyways and I hate the way posting stuff on there functions so mmm

@irisjaycomics like don't get me wrong, I'd be more than happy to pay a fee

BUT ID FUCKING RATHER THAT MONEY go to the actual person I'm supporting, not into the fanged void of patreblob

@rienlen i know ko-fi KINDA lets you do that but ko-fi always seems like such a spur of the moment thing for people to contribute to and i've only gotten very sparse donations from it

@irisjaycomics is Drip basically patreon? i think i missed the explanation of what it was

@shivana Patreon rival run by Kickstarter. they're invite only currently but i'll bet you dollars to donuts it'll be only a matter of time before they open to the public after THIS fiasco

@irisjaycomics Fuck at this rate I'm going to go back to the fucking STONE AGES and just start writing people checks or just sending them birthday cards with money in 'em.

@irisjaycomics monthly patreon rewards don't come with a classic bithday card from The Dog card company either

talkin bout that SMUT game Show more

talkin bout that SMUT game Show more

talkin bout that SMUT game Show more

@irisjaycomics the internet sucks at functional international tip jars

@hi_cial i hate that our global economy is built in such a way that sending a small amount of money per month to someone doing cool things is this hellaciously big and annoying deal

@irisjaycomics uh we cant just have artists busking for spare change on the cyberstreets that brings down cyberproperty values

@irisjaycomics Yeah, definitely. Been poking at the idea of doing more with my Patreon, but it needs a heck of a lot of work x.x

@irisjaycomics Iโ€™ve been thinking about this too, largely bc I really donโ€™t have time to produce extra content. Think I wanna wait and see how Drip fares first for a while at least...

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