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✨Iris Jay✨ VanCAF D13 @irisjaycomics


what if we all went back to having "donate now" buttons on our webcomic sites 2004 style

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@irisjaycomics I’ve considered it like isn’t that what kofi is pretty much?

@itsnero basically yeah. like i've had one for a while and only gotten dribs and drabs thru it, but maybe if i push ko-fi harder it'll actually get feasible

@irisjaycomics but then we’d all have to go back to paypal 24/7

@hi_cial shhhhiiiittt. maybe this isn't such a super thought.

@irisjaycomics why cant we direct deposit to eachother fukin financial institutions

@irisjaycomics Genuinely miss the days when you didn't have to be a 501(c)(goddamn)3 to do this, thanks Paypal.