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✨Iris Jay✨ VanCAF D13 @irisjaycomics

Just sent in designs for a new Crossed Wires sticker pack that will be available at ECCC 2018! I'm really proud of these! (Watermarks here won't be on the final stickers, naturally.)

mastodon.social/media/-lhAcBIf mastodon.social/media/agz27lk1 mastodon.social/media/eZ_-fk1I

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@mawr thanks!!! they're SUPER fun to make. i'm thinking about turning a few into enamel pins/t-shirts???

@irisjaycomics I admit I'm a bit embarrassed to not recognize the Estrogen one. :-)

@irisjaycomics Oh heck! Right, right. I wasn't browsing their sites as much as I was for GeoCities. :-)

@irisjaycomics ....dumb lewd idea for rehashing GeoCities logo:. NeoTitties.