Part of me keeps wondering β€œman, 100 Bullets was so good, why haven’t I liked anything else Brian Azzarello writes”

Then I remember that I read 100 Bullets in college, the entirety of which has passed out of my β€œdon’t rec anything you haven’t read in the last four years” rule, and considering the subject matter I’d probably find it insufferable now

Eduardo Risso still totally crushed that art tho


UPDATE: nero reminded me of Some Plot Points, checked wikipedia and.... yeah there's no way i could possibly recommend it to anyone nowadays, eesh. ESPECIALLY LIKE NOW????

why does my brain do this where it strips out the actual content and quality of stuff i've read in the past and only preserves, like, the memory engram of how i felt at the time while reading it. what the fuck is that

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I don't know, but I do it a lot too.

I even do that with conversations. :-/

@irisjaycomics @emanate Same, though. It's been a learned skill for me not to do it, and it's _hard_.

@irisjaycomics I have almost all the trades and they're slotted next to the Frank Miller collection, on the "temporally important but definitely don't give it to anyone younger than me" shelf.

@Zero_Democracy the "it basically kept Vertigo out of the toilet after they left their Weird 90s phase behind but i'd shudder to call it well adjusted fiction" section

@irisjaycomics "Aged a little better than the block of Sin City it's next to, but oooofffff."

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