important question: if you were a mer-person-- like half person, half marine animal-- what would the bottom half be. go

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@irisjaycomics actually can i just be a cute seal girl instead of a merperson because that's far more preferable

@irisjaycomics I'm trying really hard to be more creative than octopus but MAN just imagine having all that grasping power.

...harbor seal is really tempting too, actually.

@irisjaycomics I’d say seadragon, of course, but the real-world ones aren’t

Dolphin would pan out a lot better.

@irisjaycomics Tiger Shark. I just love how sexy their tail shape is.

@irisjaycomics honestly I'd probably choose squid, but I'd be very tempted by both Moray eel and seahorse. :D

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