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✨Iris Jay✨ @irisjaycomics

so did.... did y'all watch the movie, or

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@irisjaycomics it's fine nothing bad will happen this time

really c:

@irisjaycomics Can't wait for them to start naming drone delivery services after Terminator models for maximum point-missing.

@Zero_Democracy you laugh but this is definitely going to happen

@irisjaycomics Oh no I am 100% serious. I fully expect this to happen. They already named food paste after Soylent. It's impossible to be hyperbolic about this.

@Zero_Democracy we seriously need to stop seeing blatant signs of impending dystopia and shouting "Hey, I recognize THAT from media! Ha ha!"

@irisjaycomics "Ha ha this is just like in that extremely unsubtle story about unchecked capitalism and irresponsible use of technology. REFERENCES." *slurps Libertarianism-flavored Go-Gurt*

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@irisjaycomics "now I didn't see the film BUT AI are basically good right?"

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