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i gotta start finding some comedy podcasts that aren't hosted by older white guys

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@irisjaycomics it seriously bothers me that the only one i know which fits this category is the polygon show


@irisjaycomics i am down to clown with any and all simone content, everyone else is just a very hefty and pleasant bonus

@irisjaycomics (ok this is half untrue im extremely down to clown w/ all allegra content too)

@puppy i've held the opinion for ages that simone is secretly the funniest person at polygon and everyone's too much of a coward to admit it

@irisjaycomics im tryin to think of like. who is possibly funnier at polygon but its like, honestly, you're right? simone is just so naturally charming and she has arguably the most infectious laugh in the universe

@irisjaycomics her fucking, asmr swearing in the new rules just right episode of awful squad kills me every goddamn time


@irisjaycomics oh MAN you are in for a treat, it is easily my favourite awful squad episode

@puppy she's extremely good and i want her to lead a fulfilling and prosperous life

@irisjaycomics though can i put forth an exciting opposition or potential power partner, of Jenna,

@irisjaycomics (i really want jenna to be more active in stuff on polygon tbh, shes so good,)

@puppy she's got the new thing! executeables, with jeff! that seems dope!

@irisjaycomics oh thats true! two of my favourite heavily underrated polygon pals, together doin a good video series

@irisjaycomics tho i will say i am loooooving both jenna and brian in the week in revue vids rn

@irisjaycomics ive just been thinking about the fuckin, ridiculous lore setup for that entire series for a while now and its so so good

@puppy i have NOT WATCHED THESE YET but i AM a big fan of Filmbreakers and the Gill & Gilbert Variety Hour so like i'm down to clown with anything Brian's involved with

@irisjaycomics man i like. idk i never really got into either of thsoe series for some reason

i think im not really down with the kind of, more freeform series that polygon puts out personally (outside of monster factory etc)

@puppy gill & gilbert is so viscerally uncomfortable, i fucking love it

@puppy although it does also kind of make me think like "man is this weird extra-forced shit really only happening because that Vox Media Union thing just kind of vanished a while back? around the same time they laid off like nearly the entirety of SBNation's video department??? hmmmmm"

@irisjaycomics ive not kept up with that at all but Heck thats,,,,,worrying.

@puppy i love polygon shit but also what i'd REALLY love is to just like. dig RIGHT into THAT salt mine. capitalism is the enemy of creativity, even in online video media baybeeeeee

@irisjaycomics also this is, largely unrelated to current chat but, on the mention of podcasts that isnt just old white dudes, i run one thats about watchin all the dic cartoons if that sounds like a thing yr into 'w'

i mean, the flipside is, audio is still two masculine voices (one is mine, hi im nonbinary! the other is my cohost whom is cis male) but, its maybe a start?

@irisjaycomics (listen i know its self promo, unwarranted at that, but i gotta fuckin, get my word in where i can, The Struggling Podcaster Life™ )

@irisjaycomics (i apologize, regardless of yr thoughts here,)

@puppy hey that works perfectly, that totally counts! can i get a link?

@irisjaycomics (theres an rss and itunes link on that page but its also good if you just wanna straight check out a random episode )

@irisjaycomics but yes yes yes please watch all of week in revue,

come for the sweet tunes and summary of a weeks articles in song form, stay for the Deep Lore, (look its basically amiibo corner 2)

@puppy jenna is good but what's the other one on the show? ashley, i think, the social media coordinator? she's EXTREMELY big mood for me most of the time

@irisjaycomics ill be honest i dont listen to the polygon show nearly enough as i should,

@irisjaycomics well. the only one i know of that i /like/

@irisjaycomics It doesn't really count as a comedy podcast but it is pretty regularly funny: The Crypid Keeper podcast is pretty cool! It's hosted by two ladies who talk about cryptids and make dumb jokes while staying respectful of the culture around said cryptids

@SCP1471 OH HEY that actually sounds fucking rad, thanks!