today's been kind of a shitty day so hey: what's something y'all are doing today that's cool

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@irisjaycomics I'm talking to a new player on my game and telling them about various game features, like tools that can help them meet new people or what kinds of questions they can ask over public channels (the answer is "just about anything that isn't clearly a secret or exact mechanical formulae"). They sound really happy to have someone who's willing to answer their questions!

@irisjaycomics i'm brainstorming the basic rules of a tabletop rpg played with a deck of tarot cards for each player instead of dice

@irisjaycomics surviving πŸ”₯πŸ™πŸ”₯

i guess there’s that music video too lmao ;;

@irisjaycomics my day sucked too but i ate a chocolate covered double stuft oreo so thats something???

@irisjaycomics i did some cleaning which felt p good & found so many cat toys

@irisjaycomics handful of cat toys located under the geiger counter shelf
Which is under the betta tank shelf

Makes sense if u work here

@irisjaycomics eating dim sum with friends and playing video games!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

I hope your day improves/tomorrow is better, so sorry to hear today has been bad!

@irisjaycomics publicly released the project at work that's been consuming my life since december x_x

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