ALSO BLFC HYPE: we're picking up our road trip car from the rental place today and like... i got us a sensible, spacious Toyota Corolla but in the back of my mind i'm imagining me getting there and the rental clerks being like "ohhh... sorry.... we're all out of sensible cars.... but we do have this juiced-up Camaro if you're okay with taking that off our hands......"

this almost certainly will not happen. but it's nice to think about


UPDATE! we got a sensible, spacious Nissan Versa, so not our dream situation, but ITS STILL CUTE

@irisjaycomics Yeah but even the suped up pony car woulda been packing an automatic, and is it really fair to try and thrash a horse with a bum knee?

@IrisKalmia I deeply feel this, but also I understand why Hertz wouldn’t rent those out since so few people know how to handle them. ITS WEIRD THO, all the Car2Go cars around here have optional manual steering via steering column paddles, which like why EVEN

@irisjaycomics ... incase someone steals it and slaps a literbike engine in it and wheelies everywhere?

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