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Also I’ve never been in this concourse before and it’s kind of bananas

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i wasn't sure if "bimonthly" referred to once every two months or twice a month, so i looked it up and god dAMN IT

TORONTOITES (torontoians? toronters? torontonys?): my illustrious partner @itsnero and I will be selling at at the Toronto Reference Library this upcoming weekend! Stop by table #263 to get some of our COOL COMICS and RAD MERCH (without any ANNOYING U.S. SHIPPING FEES)!

Also I should probably mention that my webcomic Crossed Wires is free to read online! Over three hundred pages of HACKIN' ACTION with a side of EMOTIONS. Chapter 3 is kicking off soon, so now's a great time to catch up! crossedwires.irisjay.net

everyone's been talking about sonic the hedgehog recently. please enjoy these two small sonic friends i drew a little earlier this week, loosely inspired by @killapede@twitter.com 's excellent Chaos Collision zine (babyiggy.itch.io/collisionchao)

it's legit going to get into slurpee weather in Seattle next weekend! i wonder how things are going to be in Toronto while we're th--


somebody erased everything on the hallway whiteboard and wrote "SMILE MORE" on it a couple days later so you KNOW i had to get back down to business

STICKERS HAVE ARRIVED! These will be for sale at and on our online store shortly after!

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