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yyyyeah actually i'm pretty sure it is

2011 - 2013 - 2016 - 2018. i'm very proud of my transition and everything, but ALSO holy shit, i want to punch 2011 me and dump 2013 me. YIKES. anyways i'm perfect now and getting better every day u v u ✨

crossedwires.irisjay.net/?comic=02-106 NEW CROSSED WIRES UPDATE IS LIVE! It’s showdown time and nobody’s playing fair.

Read from the beginning here: crossedwires.irisjay.net/?comi Buy the book here: oreillyjay.tictail.com/product … Send me a tip here: ko-fi.com/irisjay

so did.... did y'all watch the movie, or

Out enjoying the warm weather today while cursing our sky’s burning orb for its hideous alacrity

One day left to get comics and cool stuff up here in the artist alley, table S12! Fair warning, though, it’s gonna take a while to rev up my sparkling personality today

Day three in the Artists Alley! Swing by table S12 for comics, merch and stilted conversation starters such as:

1. How’s your con going
2. Crowded enough for ya
3. I like your costume
4. What does the sun look like

Ready to rock! Check us out at table S12 in the Artist Alley! MASTODON FRIENDS REPRESENT

Waiting for hair dye to dry is always the hardest part of the process

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reedpopsupplyco.com/NYCC-2017-Comic-Books-Crew-Neck-Sweatshirt-p/17941.htm Comic Books? Mmm-MM! Love Them! Can't Get Enough Of Those Comic Books mastodon.social/media/PY3bJ9Og

Oh snap, is in two days! Make sure to hit up table S12 upstairs in the Artist Alley to nab some cool comics and merch from @itsnero and me! We've got a bunch of stuff we haven't taken to ECCC before, so DON'T MISS US.


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link to birdsite, D I S N E Y Q U E S T Show more