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a really hi-res picture of eggs, unless mastodon compresses this, in which case it'll be a normal size picture of eggs Show more

remember when she stole the rings off of saturn? you probably don't. she stole the rings off of saturn, it was great mastodon.social/media/cHH46CvH

my phone apps are being Extremely Testy right now so hey now that i'm on my PC: i dyed my hair last night, check it out

mastodon.social/media/naEpQrTO mastodon.social/media/Do1DYRD8

"man, there's so many cartoonists on mastodon i've been staying on it AAAALLLLLLLL day. i should probably check in on comics twitter an--" mastodon.social/media/fOtoPkUj

Do you like queer stuff, tarot, comics, or some combination of the three? Please consider buying TABULA IDEM, the queer tarot comic anthology I helped co-edit earlier this year! We just finished Kickstarter fulfillment and our online store is open for business!!

KS UPDATE: t.co/dne7vI0eS4


Coming soon exclusively to : EVIL EYE BADGES! For when you're feeling a little... sinister. >:3c

These might be the slickest-designed badges I've done yet! If you'd like to preorder one (oooorrrr if you aren't GOING to MFF but still want one), DM me here or email me at irisjaycomics at gmail!


Tonight's the only night I'm going out to A Function with my purple underdye so I figured I'd just work it tonite mastodon.social/media/EJ0Yu9QG

We very nearly finished an entire loaded baked mac+cheese casserole and now I am the approximate mass and density of a neutron star, AMA mastodon.social/media/4juAW1Bz

(s: twitter.com/EmpoweredComic/sta) the newest issue of Empowered features a cover by Carla Speed McNeil and as a longtime CSM fan this image is like a pulsating fractal that i can't really look at too closely


LRT'S: i'd like to just zoom in on this here as an example of what might be one of the most Mastodon photos ever mastodon.social/media/6AG0zsaB