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just absently duckduckgo'd this just to make sure and i can't believe it. i can't fucking believe it

honestly i only know the one, Paraceratherium. BUT HEY: it's neat that it was one of the largest land mammals ever, and that it got me to remember the name of a place i probably couldn't accurately point to on a map

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twitter user pulplibrarian just posted this and i'm gonna need my British followers to explain, like, all of this

Now that we're two weeks out from release I'm excited to finally reveal that I did one of the episode title cards for this season of the game, featuring everyone's favorite Brad, Brad! If you haven't played EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER yet, now's a great chance to get into it! hthr.itch.io/extreme-meatpunks

ALSO check out the season 2 trailer here: youtube.com/watch?v=D40-QArhkz

nero sent me this ad from crunchy roll for new Bleach spinoff "Burn The Witch" and

1. this is not a cohesive outfit even by anime girl outfit standards
2. "Ninny Spangcole" sounds like an AI tried to generate an old-timey homosexual slur

sorry SORRY one thing just one little THING. The fact that they nuked their social media presence, cutting off one of the last few methods KS backers could contact them about the project, because of a β€œbotched ARG” is Fucking Wild

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*watches Videodrome after getting off work*

Me: wow haha fuckin gross! yknow, maybe it’s because I work in β€œsubterranean entertainment”, but this isn’t near as scary as some people make it out to be

*reads the one gigantic mega-article about the Hiveswap Kickstarter fuckup cascade before bed*



we're only fifteen minutes into the new Chip Cheezum FF7R episode and there's this new remake-exclusive character named "Roche" aka "Speed Demon" aka "Speed Yankee" in the original Japanese who is, Uh, A Lot

selfie ec 

Neeeew haircut! There’s an undercut along the neckline, it’s REALLY dramatic (JUST LIKE MEEEEE)

also yeah I took these on the can, because fuck you

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