sunset overdrive okay i'm done talking about this weird bad game Show more

sunset overdrive initial thoughts, I FUCKIN FOUND THAT SHITTY RACIST GRAFFITI AND SCREENSHOTTED IT Show more just a reminder: there's only twelve days left in the Monstrously Queer Anthologies kickstarter, and it still needs $5,238 to get fully funded!

Here are the first four pages of my contribution, "Eileen Quinn". What's more terrifying: crossing paths with an alien monster, or feeling like an alien monster?

Like: ZΓΆe Quinn just posted some pages from her new comic Goddess Mode on bird site. I adore Quinn’s work, I’m excited for the series and I don’t think this is a problem with her writing specifically so much as just a weird quirk of the entire field. But damn, that’s like a LOT of words

warframe fashion Show more

warframe/kaiji fan art. so maybe like five people on earth will actually understand this Show more

warframe, slight Sacrifice spoilers Show more

it’s fitness time Show more

warframe fanart, spoilers from like the second dream onwards Show more

warframe Show more

my main computer monitor kept turning off and on this morning so i scrounged up a spare DVI cable and swapped it out for my old one. now it works. just another reminder that i'm a COMPUTER GENIUS

selfie, I VOTED Show more

warframe: fortuna Show more this is their Big One, Yellowcake, that's sort of an abstract meditation on Kaz Miller

and a couple other good 'uns

millionfish is an intensely talented and daring cartoonist, not just in terms of MGS stuff but in general. wow. like WOW

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