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@Zero_Democracy "oooooh, a rogue Geth! Are they safe to trust? Can they ever understand what it means to be.... human?" yeah great okay literally none of those questions matter half as much as "how do they get hORNY"

@Zero_Democracy garrus is good but it's fucked up you don't get to romance legion more

vancouver was lovely though. it's still a weird parallel universe Seattle where all the snack food brands are slightly different. we definitely want to go back up later this summer now that we know how easy it is to take a bus up there!

back from vancouver! our plans for tomorrow are to hide in our house and do absolutely nothing while we recover from doing two cons back to back. "never again," i will whisper to myself under the duvet, knowing full damn well that in another year or two i will have totally forgotten this resolution and gone back to thinking that two cons in as many weeks is easy and breezy for a seasoned pro like me. "never again."


Btw this is my new son and I love him very much. If you’re at today make sure to stop by and shout “SHOW ME THAT SON” to uplift and inspire him

COFFEE: ACQUIRED. Charging up for day 2! Come see us at table D13— our stock is moving fast!

DAY TWOOOOO come to table D13 for comics and sundries!!! @irisjaycomics

@Bonesnail it’s whatever, I’m at sushi now so it’s all good

@skolli I wish I was erudite enough to say something as spiky as this instead of panic-answering questions before breaking down and crying, eheh. Luckily nero is better at being angry than I am