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@wolfteeth HEY now... will email u about ideas when our internet comes back up at our house!

Attack Em All 2017
I am a trash protocol
410757864530 DEAD ROUTERS

Rewatch podcast miniseries of every Planet of the Apes movie called "About These Apes"

@wolfteeth did you see they're making a Last Of Us style Planet Of The Apes video game

@wolfteeth uuuggghh I switched to tootle PRIMARILY for customizable color themes. I'll keep you posted if they decide to monetize...

Oh god I'm using tootle now and everything's so TINY and DENSE

@skolli d'awww. 💕 and I don't think I've ever had a croque monsieur!

I'm glad everyone's having sandwich experiences with me that border on pornographic. Welcome To My Twisted Mind

ON THAT NOTE: hey Mastodon, what WAS the best sandwich you've ever had? (If you want to get into semantics about what does and doesn't constitute a sandwich: assume you're right, but don't assume everyone will agree.)

Hey folks, in case you didn't know -- I have a blog! Where I talk about writing and stories and what they mean to me personally! Here's my latest, "A Future With Me In It".


Like legit tho. The sourness of the bread, the spiciness of the sauce, the sweetness of the barbecued shrimp and the savory umami of the runny egg, bound together by the creamy medium of the mozzarella, was a perfectly balanced sandwich experience. I have a new sandwich kismet as a pescatarian. My next goal will be to repeat and improve upon it in the future... but this is going to be a hard, hard challenge.

Today's experimental luxury breakfast: leftover cocktail shrimp sautéed with homemade BBQ sauce, with mozzarella, runny egg and hot sauce on homemade sourdough