"LOVE horizontal drilling. SUPER cool. ALWAYS in favor of it", etc

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"LOVE horizontal drilling. SUPER cool. ALWAYS in favor of it. GOD i hope this opinion doesn't get taken out of context"

@BestGirlGrace *takes a long drag of a cigarette* back in my day, we just called that "posting"

would i feel this same way if there was a surplus of options for trans and NB narratives in media? I DUNNO, BUT I SURE WOULD LOVE TO FUCKING FIND OUT

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part of this is because i'm trans and NB and i DO get excited by default whenever i see a trans or NB actor in any movie or TV ever. but also i feel like even if i was cis i'd feel like this. it's great that we live in a time when we have more options for sapphic media than ever before, but also i'm a picky little ghoul

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"we already wrote an article about it, but here's a podcast ep on some more in-depth takes on Netflix's new lesbian Christmas movie, Happiest Season!" ok but nobody's forcing you, you could just watch Suspiria (1971) again instead

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sometimes i scroll through Autostraddle and think about how hard it must be to be a cis lesbian and be required by law to watch every piece of cis lesbian media ever made

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