@BestGirlGrace @VyrCossont there was a literal line from the movie that was like "the programmer fixes the website when it breaks....... but what happens........ when the programmer breaks......................." in like a lugubrious german accent

@fluxom_alt yeah but i don't want to come off like a big loud asshole!!!! i want to come off as a local humble cool girl who has created a neat comic inspired by the film we are viewing!

@VyrCossont @BestGirlGrace oh also Tank Girl isn't cyberpunk but it's intensely nineties and i mentioned it earlier in stream so: Tank Girl,

also sorry for shamelessy promoting Crossed Wires in stream... but not THAT sorry, if u know what i'm sayin ;>

ahhhhh, every viewing of Hackers with people who haven't seen it is like I'm seeing it all over again

"The Black Parade" is a front to back banger. i don't give a fuck about what anyone says. it 100% rules

it's fitness tiiiimmmeeebbbllhghghhh 

videos james deals 

videos james deals 

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