@minty_da there's a REALLY good 99PI ep about their bananas 90s jersey design too: 99percentinvisible.org/episode literally nothing about the Raptors isn't Xtreme To The Max

@hierarchon this and like the extremely fancy pedestal are like the best things he sells

@hierarchon oh my god i didn't see that he had this on sale, this is incredible

@fluxom_alt pescatarian! i can do fish! i think i'd also be fine with bugs, though i haven't tried them yet!

@fluxom_alt @hierarchon it's called the google stadia becuase you shoulda stadia-t home

@hierarchon it's called the ouya because ou turn ya ass around and walk away

@fluxom_alt i've never had tikka masala burritos and now i absolutely need one

@itsnero i was comfortable, now i'm disturbed. so mission accomplished i guess

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