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I really hope buzzards don’t eat me before this movie starts

@itsnero it seriously does feel like a fucking rainforest cafe

yyyyeah actually i'm pretty sure it is

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@literorrery god that makes me think of the one fake commercial from Southland Tales


@literorrery fair! cars with tongues, tho. there's like. no explaining that rationally

This is a slightly less elegant solution than putting a dot on a graph, but it's more informative.

@literorrery i'm inclined to believe, on a straight up biological level, that cars universe is definitely weirder, though the whole magic-based rigid caste system within horse society is also pretty out there

@Cryoclaire (or like more realistically keep it up but also take time to relax, recharge and pursue your own personal life interests)

@literorrery consider though: what's more fundamentally weird, the pony universe or the cars universe

@Cryoclaire woo, congrats, y'all!!! D&W is seriously one of my fave webcomics out there right now, keep it up! <3

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@rienlen frankly I think your attitude is pretty dumb

‘n’ bass

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