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ahahaaaa yeahhhh seattle, summer days are here aga-- wait. no. stop. that's enough. thaT'S ENOUGH

TODAY'S FASHION FIND: HOLOGRAPHIC CHOKERS. nero sent the first one to me and said "hey, be honest here, how trans femme aesthetic is this?" (the answer is EXTREMELY trans femme aesthetic)

me: god if I play this I’m definitely gonna cry at least once
also me: ...Turn Into Monsters, huh

I’m not watching much E3 stuff today but all I heard was “lonely people turn into terrifying monsters” and I instantly logged the fuck on so hard I’m seeing Matrix code

Idk why these photos posted out of order but w/e im comfey

we went to a goth club tonight and I had a lot of fun! I also got all gussied up for the occasion. right now, however, I’m posting while laying down in bed in our very dark quiet bedroom, and this is almost as fun after an evening of drinking and standing inside an extremely loud room full of very cool people.

johnny sun on twitter:

"sometimes it feels like people only love your mask because you only show them your mask, but trust that they know its a mask, that they care about its author, and that they are perceptive enough to see you behind it" evening update: we're a little over $500 from getting FTL Y'ALL funded inside of its first twelve hours. if you like comics, or if you've ever wondered what you'd do if you could suddenly fuck off from Earth forever, Be A Gem And Pledge, Won't You?

PREORDER "FTL, Y'ALL" NOW! @skolli and I did a sixteen-page story in this book that's just one of a stunning showcase of beautiful, thought-provoking comics by an all-star creative lineup! This campagin ends in 15 days, so YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE.

Was trying to figure out how I'd execute a Mascot Ice Cream of @irisjaycomics as today's warmup, and the best solution I could find was just "jam some goddamn plastic spoons in"

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this probably isn't news but i only JUST fucking noticed this

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