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thinking about making a sec bird enamel pin because i'm late to every trend and also because i haven't been able to find one i desperately like yet

just putting a foot in the door here to add that I had some pretty fucking good pro-Auglust talking points on birdsite

so hey now that we’ve done Pride and Wrath which LGBT month are we on to. Is it Lust yet

Friends, the reason it’s fine to bag on Guy Fieri is not because of his ostentatious character (seriously, whatever) but because he has a history of being a weird homophobe and the head of his production team was screaming at a friend of mine on Twitter for QUOTING A 2011 ARTICLE ABOUT THIS deep in a reply chain without naming the dude OR his show.

Unless he’s stopped being a weirdo surrounded by weirdos, miss me with the “not so bad” line.

catching up on the “badgelife” hashtag on Twitter and what the fuck, why didn’t anyone tell me DefCon was the only other convention where artistic badge culture was a thing (albeit in a totally different way than at fur cons)

Time to go into my REM Cycle, I say, as I rev up my motorcycle that blasts Night Swimming at 140 dB.

Night Swimming deserves a quiet night, but no one in my neighborhood does.

The artist that has the most important thing to say is this artist who draws anime maids skateboarding

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NEW GOLDEN TRICK UPDATE UP from @itsnero and me! Sexy! Dangerous! Fun! Not for readers under 18! Go read!

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Literally my proudest moment. I'm still banned from noisebridge to this day. It's not blurred on the website BTW.

Most insecure capitalist gentrifier shits ever.

i don't know shit about stephen unipherse but from all the fan art i've seen lately Show more

i don't know shit about stephen unipherse but from all the fan art i've seen lately Show more

The lights at Victrola Coffee always remind me of tiny Art Deco skyscrapers, they’re great

lb: you gotta watch that whole trailer. you need to stop what you're doing and watch the entire thing and then tell me what you thought. no excuses

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