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wait i got one more. Seth McFarlane is like what if Ensign Barclay was constantly filming his weird holodeck addiction and putting it on Future Youtube to show what a cool and funny guy he was, and everyone thought this was a dope idea, and nobody stopped him. that is what this show is. lick a butt and don't enjoy it, moron

Seth McFarlane looks like the dude you least want to run into at a Trek convention. he is the dude who thinks Kirk is cool because he was a loud sleazy guy, despite not having ever watched the original series. i bet he leaves signed headshots around the studio as "tips" for makeup and catering. dude is like Tom Paris's slimier older brother who got caught trying to hack a replicator so it would print out nothing but oxycontin. fuck you Seth McFarlane. rot in hell. also hey while we're Talking Trek: dear Seth McFarlane, we didn't all just magically forget about Galaxy Quest. you can't just sell us on essentially the same hook but with shittier jokes, more sexism and your dumbass face smirking as you Awkward Comedy Stutter every ten seconds

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- "TEN YEARS BEFORE KIRK" just means we're gonna get a bunch of weird allusions to the original series in here that will likely fall flat considering how HILARIOUSLY HIGHER the production value in this is
- also, did we REALLY need to retry Enterprise. Really.
- Klingon faces look like horseshoe crab underbellies now I guess
- oh. right. CBS Access. i forgot. they could've just put "COMING SOON TO TORRENT SITES EVERYWHERE" and it'd have the same effect

- POC women as THE main characters, hell fuckin yes
- a bunch of weird-ass aliens we haven't seen yet, including "We Only Live To Know Exactly When We Die" Guy aka possibly the most goth species ever
- it really seems like they tried to make it its own stylistic thing rather than hitch it to the new movies, or the 90s series, or the 60s series, which: hey, that's daring and good

@indi SAME, SERIOUSLY. and @itsnero even moreso, i'm sure

@wolfteeth you can grow INTO a bird. Which like, aren't we all, really

@Ferrovore @ComputerHusband actually wait can we just talk about weird internet mashups because this one is probably my current favorite

(this whole channel, despite its slightly questionable name, is full of some BONKERS STUFF)

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me: what do you wanna do for dinner
@irisjaycomics : i wanna shoot a bunch of pancakes with a gun
me: okay

@ComputerHusband @Ferrovore TRADE SECRET: it isn't. nightcore is literally just speeding up songs to sidestep Youtube copyright restrictions. daycore is the same thing but slowing them down

@ComputerHusband @Ferrovore that sounds like a great song but not for art party