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holy shit, turning off "show faves & boosts in notifications column" for now, i'm glad people like my Quality Posts

965,214 accounts
+192 in the last hour
+13,284 in the last day
+16,219 in the last week
1,010 active instances

"HAPPY TRANS AWARENESS WEEK," I yell over the fireworks I'm lighting in the shopping mall food court. The police sirens outside are drowned out as an errant Roman candle smashes into the Panda Express. I refuse to stop until everyone is aware of me

The Joke: welcome to Mastodon, here's your fursuit and your copy of Das Kapital

Reality: welcome to Mastodon, here's your six alt fursonas, a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook, an eight-week course on the programming language of your choice, a tarot deck, some brand spanking new hormones, and a complex geometric sigil you should memorize that will turn into a neural counter-virus so that when the Singularity finally hits we can make sure The Straights don't claim it for themselves

@irisjaycomics new Destroyer is good but old weird Destroyer is like constant brain soundtrack material for me. Streethawk: A Seduction is pprrrooobably one of the most perfect indie records ever made??? Just saying. Fight me

@irisjaycomics they took down Thief, Your Blues, Notorious Lightning and Trouble in Dreams too. GUESS I GOTTA HUNT THESE FUCKERS DOWN IN HARD COPY NOW

im tired of hearing about what celebrities you think are furries. tell me which celebrities you DON'T think are furries (cannot just be a list of famous people you dislike)

#Welcome new users I'm so glad you're here that's great! If you joined like, that's fine and stuff BUT you should know that that's just ONE server running Mastodon. You could also join one of thousands of other options. A server with lots of people with shared interests creates a stronger sense of community and public timelines that self-curates to stuff people you like also like; on your server or others

A list of servers can be found at

Regarding that last boost, local custom is to CW things like politics, violence, stressful current events, etc. so that people can choose to engage with this content if they want to and avoid it if they want or need that space.

You do you, but remember that many folks are doing their best to curate a safer space for themselves (me included!) and we do not need the pressure of other social media sites to Always Be Visibly Enraged.

new folks:

please remember to make heavy use of CWs

they are there because they are useful to reduce harm for folks

instead of being forced to read a post in order to determine if they want to interact with its contents or not (which is not a choice), you can know what the post is about and choose whether it's worth engaging that or not


pictured: the exact look i get 99% of the time when i try to explain how mastodon works out in the real world

HEY BTW IF YOU'RE SEEKING A PLEASANT ALT INSTANCE: keep an eye peeled on, it's the place for Cool Cyber Kidz. i just got an account on there (@cuteputes) that i'm going to use for XW posting and other Weird Computer Bullshit. ALSO WINDOWS 95 IS A THEME YOU CAN HAVE ON THERE, WHAT'S UP

ALTERNATE COOL ENDORSEMENT: is also a place for Cool Cyber Kidz, especially those who like to experiment with new beta features!!

Fellow art buddies! Do you want an instance you can dedicate to your artwork so people can find it more easily? There's! It's a great instance and @Curator does a swell job.


*** theme from twin peaks but played on clarinet by someone who does not know how to play the clarinet***

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