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even if I don’t get into BLFC next year I’m still gonna fucken go just to go, I’m tired of never quite relaxing at cons

Every dang time I go to Chicago i always forget how UTTERLY BONE FUCKING DRY it is here compared to Seattle, like Reno levels of dry, and being on spiro this time around sure ain’t helping

gotta love arriving at yr hotel after 12 hours of being in transit only to find out the room won’t be ready for a fucking hour

There was some graffiti in my neighborhood saying β€œthe government covers everything up”, and I just walked by to find a city employee painting over it.


Hey guy wearing tight, tight acid-washed jeans rolling towards the security checkpoint on a skateboard while talking about just getting back from Iceland: how’s your LIFE, my DUDE

Pulling yet another long all-nighter in the airport before our 5am flight, please post good jokes and/or weird porn for us

sometimes it's actually kind of mindboggling to think about how much tacky, insensitive jingoistic merchandise came out after 9/11 as a cheap attempt to cash in on a national tragedy. like i remember there being these ghoulish t-shirts EVERYWHERE. my mom had a "Terrorist Hunting License" sticker on her car, And This Was Normal

i know we're coming up on the 00's being the next target of the 20 Year Nostalgia Gap, but i can't imagine how anyone will get even ironically pumped about the GWBush era

I don’t entirely remember how this image came to be but I know it involved BLFC’s public tables somehow.

Pretty sure that was some of @irisjaycomics’s badge-making detritus paired with...well, a unique take on Fender the Ferrox.


"man, there's so many cartoonists on mastodon i've been staying on it AAAALLLLLLLL day. i should probably check in on comics twitter an--"

Hey folks! Midwest Furfest is on the horizon, so i'm opening for preorders for my newest badge type: custom patches! They come in two versions- a bust shot of your character, or a full body shot similar to my previous Tarot-style badges.

Email me at tegmire@gmail if you're interested!

Do you like queer stuff, tarot, comics, or some combination of the three? Please consider buying TABULA IDEM, the queer tarot comic anthology I helped co-edit earlier this year! We just finished Kickstarter fulfillment and our online store is open for business!!


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