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mastodon poll: OTP
1. One True Pairing
2. One Trade Paperback

BIG NOTE: Based on whether or not we hit TCAF, FC mmmmmight be the only furry con we do all year, so snag one now while you can!

BACK BY OVERHWELMINGLY POPULAR DEMAND: I'm taking my Evil Eye badges to FC! Kick off 2018 with some SINISTER STYLE. DM me here or email me at irisjaycomics at gmail if you'd like to preorder one!

Heyo! I’m trying to move to Los Angeles at the end of the month and I could use a little bit of help. Any small bit would be appreciated.

trust your technolust. be the video warrior you always were in your soul. tell your friends how elite they really are to you. smash the state, eat the rich, and have fun doing it.

Y’know, we don’t say it enough in our hustle and bustle modern lives, and with the state of the world as is, but: hack the god damn planet, okay

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Immediate thought: “what the shit, I thought only furries used Telegram, I didn’t know bitcoin nerds were all over it too”
Second, wiser thought: “the Venn diagram of ‘furries’ and ‘people most likely to use bitcoin’ is probably a circle”

Oh my god oh my god the Telegram cryptocurrency I thought was a scam was not a scam they're serious about that oh my god ahaha

*remembers the part of Alan Mendelssohn, the Boy From Mars where the middle-school-age main character fucks with his psychiatrist so he can spend all day cutting class, smoking cigars and farting around in new-age bookstores* hell yes. Classic literature


tonight's jam: this song makes me sad but in a good way. stereolab are immortal

til the polish expression "nie mój cyrk, nie moje małpy" ("not my circus, not my monkeys")
this is a GOOD expression and i want to use it more

last year ECCC:AA seemed like it was morphing into the PNW big-time indie con that we've been itching to get, so i'm REALLY pumped to see how we do this year

poking around on the ECCC Artist Alley website and: it looks like we're in a row (S) packed with femmes and queers, hell fuckin yeah

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hey y'all! with FC just around the corner, I'm opening for patch commission preorders once more! email me at to reserve yours and have it before the con even starts!

( )

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